How to configure the Zodiac Watch

Configuration Shortcuts

If one of the four input fields is focused (i.e. the cursor is visible inside) you may use the following keys as shortcuts to change the configuration without switching to the configuration frame.

Configuration Frame

The "Config" button (see figure 8) opens the configuration frame shown in figure 9. The configuration items are listed in four separate groups: display modes for input values, type and draw mode of the chart itself and parameters for planet and house calculations. Round configuration items (radio-buttons) are used to select one of several possibilities and square items (check-boxes) are used to enable or disable a feature. Grey items are disabled and are not available for the actual configuration (or at all if the item is reserved for future use).

[Zodiac Watch configuration frame]
Figure 9: Zodiac Watch configuration frame

Values - Location

Values - Date/Time

Chart - Chart Type

Chart - Draw Mode

Planets - Calculation

Planets - Aspects

Houses - House Type


The "Ok" button saves the changes and the "Cancel" button discards the changes. Both buttons close the configuration frame. The "Defaults" button resets the entire configuration immediately.