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I am Peter Kofler and this is my personal web page. It is private and unofficial. Here I provide content which I think is worth publishing: Different and mostly unrelated pieces of information, old things so they would not be forgotten, fun stuff because I like some things so much and some little projects done by myself.

If you have any suggestions, praise or criticism feel free to me.

"I am the Code Cop" - Java and Code Quality

my cup of Java

On my new Code Cop blog you will find some of my programs together with coding related information. A series of German articles published in JavaSPEKTRUM magazine about code quality and daily build; Java Unicode code point constants and an (Object) Life Time Monitor.

"For the Emperor!" - Warhammer 40k

Mechanicus Chrono Gladiator

This section is about Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000. I like its dark and Gothic look and have put together some background information about Warhammer 40k races, their weapons and troops, their war machines and space ships. Note that the information provided here is not intended for playing the game, but is about the universe itself. In August 2007 major parts were added.

"Archer loves Virgin" - Zodiac Watch

part of zodiac wheel

Zodiac Watch is an astro-chart real-time watch coded by myself. It displays a zodiac wheel chart for the actual time and date and a given location. It is described in detail, easy to use and can be configured to show other types of charts as well. The current version was released in July 2002. The Java code needed for the calculations is available as AstroLib, library for astro calculations.

"Version Crash" - Browser Support

The support for Java applets is quite varying among different browsers. In 2001 I created a detailed list of the Java virtual machine versions supported by different browsers up to Internet Explorer 6 and Netscape 6. This list contains more than 100 different browsers and virtual machine versions, together with a list of supported features.. Further more there is an Applet Test-Framework to test browsers not shown in the list. The core part of the list was finished on 6.8.2001, but some newer results have been added as well.

"How Dare You Insect?" - Music from System Shock

Xerxes, the enemy of Shodan

In my opinion System Shock and its sequel System Shock 2 are the best video games ever. Especially the music is very cool. Look at the System Shock MP3 collection, which contains seventeen recorded and re-mixed themes from both games. The themes were converted and posted in 2002. Four new tunes were added in May 2007.

"Things of the Past" - Commodore 64 Resources

Commodore 64 logo

Back in 1986, my first computer was a Commodore 64. To contribute to the C64 community I put up this C64 resource collection containing several hundred character sets, some sprites and a lot of images. In March 2011 I added another 241 character sets and 225 new images totalling in 1300 original resources!

"BVPs of ODEs" - University Research Publications

Research papers on singular boundary value problems (BVPs) of ordinary differential equations (ODEs), researched 1993-1999. Some results might be superseded.

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