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(Main page with overview of all sections of my mix.)
Complete Map of this Site
(Hierarchical listing of all pages of the whole site.)
University Research Publications
(List of publications about singular boundary value problems including the full text for download.)
About Warhammer 40,000
(Background information about the dark and Gothic Warhammer 40,000 universe.)
Chaos and Chaos Marines
(The traitor legions of Space Marines and the forces of the treacherous Chaos.)
Dedicated Chaos God Units
(Chaos Marines and Daemons dedicated to a particular Chaos god.)
The raiding Dark Eldar
(The corrupt and twisted Dark Eldar, heartless, cruel and inhumanly fast in combat.)
The ancient Eldar
(The alien and enigmatic Eldar, an ancient alien race who once ruled a vast empire.)
The basic Imperial Guard troops
(The backbone of all Imperial Forces, billions of men supported by tanks and troop transports.)
More Guard Unit Variations
(Some images of Guard unit variations to limit the size of the Imperial Guard main page.)
Imperial Forces
(The Imperial Cult, other Adepts and departments and the orders of the Inquisition.)
Space Marines Chapters
(The powerful and dreaded Space Marines, genetically modified super-humans.)
Space Marine Chapter List
(An overview of some Chapters together with the Legions of the First Founding.)
Blood Angel Unit Variations
(Images of the 'Angels of Death', the emotional Blood Angel Space Marines.)
Dark Angel Unit Variations
(Marine units of the Dark Angel Chapter, the scheming sons of the Lion.)
Space Wolves Unit Variations
(The completely unorthodox Chapter of the Space Wolf Space Marines.)
Other Chapter Unit Variations
(Units of other Chapters like the Black Templars, Imperial Fists or Iron Hands.)
Space Marine Organs
(The nineteen additional implanted or grown organs of fully transformed Space Marines.)
The skeletal Necrons
(The skeletal raiders Necrons, remnants of an unbelievably ancient race.)
The green skinned Orks
(The green skinned Orks, the the most widespread and warlike race of aliens.)
Sisters of Battle
(They women only order of the Sisters of Battle, the Ecclesiarchy's fighting arm.)
The Tau and their allies
(The new, fast-rising civilisation of the Tau, possessing an impressive grasp of technology.)
The hordes of a Tyranid swarm
(The utterly alien Tyranids, an emotionless force of genetically designed killing machines.)
Astro-Chart Real-Time Watch
(Kugel's 'Zodiac Watch' - an astro-chart real-time watch Java applet.)
What is displayed in charts
(Information about what is displayed in the standard charts of Zodiac Watch.)
What else is displayed
(Information about what is displayed in other types of charts of Zodiac Watch.)
How to use it
(Help about how to use the Zodiac Watch.)
How to configure it
(Help about how to configure the Zodiac Watch.)
Technical information
(Technical information about the Zodiac Watch.)
Browser Support for Java Applets
(Browser support for Java applets main page with overview.)
Browsers VM Versions for Applet
(The list of the VM versions of different browsers for the APPLET tag.)
Browsers VM Versions for Plugin
(The list of the VM versions of different browsers for the EMBED and the OBJECT tag.)
Browsers Version Test-Framework
(Simple test for the browser's VM version when using the APPLET-tag to invoke the VM.)
VM version for APPLET Test
(Test for the browser's VM version when using the APPLET tag and description of the test applet.)
VM version for EMBED Test
(Test for the browser's VM version when using the EMBED tag to invoke the VM.)
VM version for EMBED (Mac) Test
(Mac specific test for the browser's VM version when using the EMBED tag.)
VM version for OBJECT Test
(Test for the browser's VM version when using the OBJECT tag to invoke the VM.)
Browsers JS calls Applet Test
(Test for the browser's Javascript to call a Java applet and list of results.)
Music from System Shock
(Music from the games System Shock and System Shock 2 to download.)
Commodore 64 Resources
(Original Commodore 64 (C64) resources including character sets, images and sprites.)
C64 Charset Gallery
(Commodore 64 character set collection with 615 character sets from various demos and games.)
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 2
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 3
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 4
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 5
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 6
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 7
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 8
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 9
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 10
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 11
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 12
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 13
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 14
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 15
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 16
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 17
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 18
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 19
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 20
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 21
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 22
C64 Charset Gallery - Page 23
C64 Image Gallery
(Commodore 64 image collection with 625 images from various demos and games.)
C64 Image Gallery - Page 2
C64 Image Gallery - Page 3
C64 Image Gallery - Page 4
C64 Image Gallery - Page 5
C64 Image Gallery - Page 6
C64 Image Gallery - Page 7
C64 Image Gallery - Page 8
C64 Image Gallery - Page 9
C64 Image Gallery - Page 10
C64 Image Gallery - Page 11
C64 Image Gallery - Page 12
C64 Image Gallery - Page 13
C64 Image Gallery - Page 14
C64 Image Gallery - Page 15
C64 Image Gallery - Page 16
C64 Image Gallery - Page 17
C64 Image Gallery - Page 18
C64 Image Gallery - Page 19
C64 Image Gallery - Page 20
C64 Image Gallery - Page 21
C64 Image Gallery - Page 22
C64 Image Gallery - Page 23
C64 Image Gallery - Page 24
C64 Image Gallery - Page 25
C64 Sprite Gallery
(Commodore 64 sprite collection with 55 sprite sets from various demos and games.)
C64 Sprite Gallery - Page 2
C64 Sprite Gallery - Page 3
C64 Sprite Gallery - Page 4
C64 Sprite Gallery - Page 5